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  • Though you will find plenty of transportable, compact mobility scooters on the market today, you won’t find many with the lightweight and easily managed design of the CareCo Airlite X.

    The Airlite’s next-generation splitting mechanism lets you break this scooter down into 5 parts, designed to fit into the boot or back seat of most cars as well as into tight storage spaces. The heaviest part weighs just 14.5kg, lighter than most competitors and designed to be manageable for those with limited mobility.

    There’s no need to worry about a lack of performance with the Airlite X, despite the compact design. The 10Ah battery provides a maximum travel range of almost 12km (7.5 miles), ideal for visiting nearby friends and running errands. And with a removable battery box and off-board charging, the Airlite X conveniently lets you store and charge your battery indoors without dismantling the frame of the scooter.

    The sturdy frame supports a weight of up to 114kg (18 stone) too.