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  • Limited mobility can make travelling even the shortest distances a hardship, not to mention getting around indoors with narrow doorways and confined spaces to contend with. The CareCo Dynamo does a great job of solving these problems with a design that not only excels at covering short distances but offers the portability you need from a travel scooter.

    The CareCo Dynamo’s innovative design means that in minutes you can disassemble the scooter into 5 lightweight pieces, easy to manage and ideal for storage and transportation.

    The Dynamo’s delta tiller bar control system sets it apart from other scooters in the same range. The clever, convenient design of delta tiller bars means they are easier to control for users with limited use of their hands.

    The inclusion of an off-board charging facility adds to the convenience offered by the CareCo Dynamo. This handy feature allows you to leave the scooter stored outdoors or dismantled in the boot of your car or garage while you charge the batteries. You’ll get a maximum range of 6 miles between charges and the Dynamo can safely bear a weight of up to 18st / 115kg.