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  • Cool, compact and ultra-comfortable, the X-Go Pinnacle reaches new heights in the world of mobility scooters. An unrivalled combination of transportability, comfort and a 23-mile range that equals some 6-8mph models, this is the perfect crossover of travel scooter convenience and pavement scooter performance.

    Comfort can be in short supply on smaller scooters. But the X-Go Pinnacle, with front suspension, pneumatic tyres and more than generous leg room, offers plenty. From potholed pavements to troublesome terrain, this crossover scooter takes it all in its stride. The front suspension system stops the vibrations caused by travelling over uneven ground from rattling the frame, a welcome feature for those prone to aches and pains. And the pneumatic tyres absorb the unevenness of terrain, for a smoother ride with no bumping or shaking. The deeper tread on pneumatic tyres also lends the X-Go Pinnacle extra traction, just the thing for loose and uneven ground like gravel paths.

    This scooter is as easy to use as it is comfortable to ride. The quick-release feature separates the scooter into 6 easy-to-lift parts, ideal for car boots and small storage spaces. At 24.8kg the front section is the heaviest individual part of this scooter. The split-battery box means each 33Ah battery weighs just 11.7kg, with on- or off-board charging for complete convenience. The USB charging port keeps your gadgets topped up while you’re on the move, and the underseat storage is handy especially for those using their scooter every day. Thanks to its slightly larger frame, the X-Go Pinnacle has a higher maximum weight capacity of 150kg.