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  • We’re proud of the CareCo Zoom – it’s the first CareCo mobility scooter to be equipped with the next-generation splitting mechanism for easy transportation and storage, as well as a collection of other exciting features.

    The Zoom’s next-generation splitting mechanism makes assembly and disassembly easy and convenient. Simply pulling the easy-to-access lever will break the scooter down into 5 lightweight pieces designed to be easily lifted. Slide the parts into the boot of your car for days out or store them easily when not in use.

    With a 12Ah battery the CareCo Zoom doesn’t compromise on performance – despite its compact package you will still benefit from a 16km (10 miles) range between battery charges, while the capacity for off-board charging is a huge benefit for frequent travellers, letting you keep the rest of the scooter intact as the battery charges.

    We’ve fitted the CareCo Zoom with a delta tiller bar too, to make controlling your scooter easy even if you struggle with strength in your hands and fingers. The tight turning circle is great for busy public areas, while the flip-up armrests and padded swivel seat allow for easy access on and off the scooter.