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The 4 wheel Autofold from Drive scooter is the pinnacle of folding scooter technology. At the touch of a button the scooter folds down to a compact, easy to manage size in a matter of seconds.

Perfect for storing when not in use or for travelling, the Drive Autofold can be wheeled with one hand when folded making it easily transportable. The compact design and folding mechanism allows the Auto Fold to be transported in the boot of a car, perfect for days out. Ideal for short trips to town or visits to attractions, the Auto Fold has maximum range of up to 13 miles on a full charge and has a top speed of 4mph.

Due to its unique folding design and the lightweight Lithium battery, the Auto Fold is even suitable for transporting on flights and cruises as well as all methods of public transport. When folded the scooter is easily lifted and weighs on 27.5kg (60.5lbs), perfect for all manner of journeys.

The folding mechanism itself is controlled by a simple remote control or buttons on the scooter itself which activate the self-folding action. The folding and unfolding process takes only 12 seconds to complete and requires no lifting from the user. Once folded the scooter can be placed into the boot of a car or lifted into a home with the easy to grip carry handles.

As well as the unique folding feature of the Auto Fold it also offers the user a comfortable ride with its padded seat and backrest. The puncture proof tyres reduce the risk of getting a flat tyre when out and about adding another level of reassurance and independence to the user.

The Drive Autofold also features an anti-roll back system to prevent the scooter from rolling backwards on hills or gradients. There are also rear anti-tip wheels which not only prevent the scooter from tipping over but allow the user to wheel the scooter when folded.