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The Kymco Midi XLS Mobility Scooter is the smaller version of the Kymco Maxi XLS but still with all features of the Maxi. It has been designed to be more manoeuvrable with a smaller turning radius and narrower dimensions. It has been designed for users who do not need the heavy duty features of the Maxi XLS, but still want the power and features of it. It has a top speed of 8mph and up to 25 miles range.

The Kymco Midi XLS has fully adjustable and all round suspension along with the comfortable and adjustable “Captains” seat. It has a compact chassis making it easier to handle in tighter spaces. A delta tiller is fitted as standard, along with a dual set of rear view mirrors.

Aesthetically, it has a two-tone front panel that has a front basket for convenience and storage. There is also the option to add a front or rear basket to the scooter if more storage is required.