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The Lithilite is a combination of revolutionary and tried and tested technology. The Lithilite Pro has a market leading 26 mile range, the best range of any travel scooter in the UK making it the perfect scooter for cross-country adventurers and day-to-day errand-runners alike.
The Lithilite travel scooters are among the first to house lithium-ion batteries, offering increased durability, better performance and super-quick charging times. Lithium-ion batteries are better equipped to stand up to day-to-day use and are much smaller and lighter too. Frequent travellers won’t need to worry about replacing the batteries too soon, and the light weight 4 or 5kg battery pack make sure its incredibly easy to remove and charge off board. There is also an even lighter 2.75kg Air Safe battery pack. At 11ah the air safe pack is within the Civil Aviation Authority’s new regulations and can be taken on a plane so you can also take your Lithilite on holiday with you.