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  • Looking for a versatile, high-grade road scooter? The CareCo Titan, with multi-purpose capabilities, is the ideal scooter.

    The CareCo Titan is packed with an array of useful features. The multi-purpose speed setting means the Titan can be switched from a standard 6-8mph scooter to a pavement scooter at just the touch of a button. Travel on the road at a top speed of 8mph or switch down to 4mph to travel safely on pavements.

    The fully adjustable captain’s seat and comfy headrest provide the right kind of comfort and support for longer journeys, as well as ensuring extra safety with a swivel design for easy access on and off the scooter. Front lights and a rear view mirror are included for safe on-road driving.

    The Titan’s front suspension system really sets this scooter apart from its competitors. Combined with hard-wearing pneumatic tyres, the front suspension system acts to dampen the vibrations felt through the scooter as you travel over uneven terrain. For those of you looking to travel a bit further with your scooter this truly is an essential addition. And with a maximum range of 20 miles between charges you’ll certainly be able to travel furth